Dr. Cheek-Covey, Midwest City Dentist of Precision Dental is committed to protect you and our staff from possible hazards.

Our practice uses “universal precautions”.  This means we follow the current recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA) for sterilization and safety.  We are committed to following specific, methodical steps to ensure your peace of mind and complete safety at all times.

Our Sterilization Center provides a streamlined system to allow for proper cleaning and sterilization of all equipment.  It also prevents crossover of contaminated and sterile instruments.  In addition, our practice also uses an isolated water bottle system in each treatment area to ensure there is no biofilm present.

The mouth is full of micro-organisms, some of which are dangerous to the patient and to others. Consequently, instruments and equipment used in our Midwest City dental treatments end up being polluted with these micro-organisms whenever they are used, whether they are drilled into teeth, used to cut into soft tissues, or are merely placed in the infected mouth.

If no action were taken to clean these items after use, this micro-organism contamination would be passed on between patients, from patient to our Oklahoma dental staff, and from staff back to new patient. If staff are not personally clean while participating in chairside dental procedures, they can also infect patients and other staff.

The basic concept at Precision Dental Center is to assume that any patient might be infected with any micro-organism at any time, and for that reason, there is a posed risk of  infection to all dental personnel and to other clients. A detailed dental history questionnaire, completed at the client’s initial participation and upgraded at every appointment after that, will recognize most of issues.

The upkeep of a high standard of cleanliness and the control of infection are basic courtesies in our Oklahoma City dental office, as they should be in any clinical environment. All members of our dental team have a responsibility of care to safeguard our clients and ourselves, every day.

For further information, please contact our dental professionals at Precision Dental Center.

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