Effective hygiene is essential for keeping teeth and gums healthy. Precision Dental is a Midwest City dental office that encourages maintaining good oral health.


It is completely true that first impressions are the most essential. Research has even shown that when we first meet a new person, there is a subconscious way that our brains and eyes interact with that individual. One of the things we always focus in on is the mouth and smile.

The good news is, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing frequently, flossing, and seeing our Oklahoma dental practice for regular dentist appointments. We recommend oral health visits every 6 months for the majority of clients, but more often for those with unhealthy gums (gum disease).

Regular visits for dental hygiene will help to:

  • Reduce the risk of gum disease, bleeding gums, and dental plaque build up. As gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss, this in turn helps you to keep your teeth for life!
  • Significantly reduce the possibility of cavities, and the need for fillings. This too helps you to keep your teeth for life!
  • Remove the stains you can get from drinking tea, coffee, and red wines, as well as stains from smoking, and certain foods. This can help to give you a beautiful smile!
  • Educate you on how best to brush, floss, and maintain your teeth at home.
  • Provide early prevention and restorative help.
  • Reduce the likelihood of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease – which have been shown to be associated with poor oral hygiene.

Our hygienists work hard to make sure that your teeth continue to be free of any build-up, and look healthy and gorgeous all year round!

At Precision Dental Center, we selectively use the very best team members, focusing on on patient comfort and beautiful teeth cleanings. Scheduling these routine teeth cleanings prevents rotten tooth, decay, gum disease, and general poor health.

Proper dental hygiene is the foundation to oral wellness. For optimum oral health, tartar and calcium accumulation must be removed every three-to-six months. An extensive dental cleaning will help us detect or identify oral issues, and choose the best treatment plan for the future.

Our Oklahoma City dental professionals offer a number of corrective and preventative services to help ensure that your smile is in top shape. The foundation of long-term oral health starts with thorough dental cleanings and exams. At our dental practice, we deal with you on a personal and friendly level so that we are in complete agreement and understanding of your dental hygiene priorities. This will help you maintain outstanding dental hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay and other serious conditions.

At Precision Dental Center, our dental team is here to provide you support and treatment for your overall oral health. Contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment today!

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