Having a bright smile makes you beautiful. If you find that your teeth is discolored, or stained, it can make you feel self-conscious about smiling. Thankfully, there is a solution to teeth that has become yellowed. There are multiple teeth whitening methods which can remove stains from your teeth and cause a change in color to your tooth enamel. Of these methods, laser tooth whitening is a powerful whitening technique that is performed in office and can produce quick and effective results. At Precision Dental Center, we are your Midwest City dental choice for whitening. Our whitening results will help you achieve the great smile that you’re looking for.

Why does our teeth yellow?

The color of your teeth is naturally an off-white color, which is the color of the dentin underneath your tooth enamel. Overtime, as a person ages, the tooth naturally becomes discolored. However, eating certain foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, and soda can speed up this process by staining your teeth enamel.

How whitening works

Whitening is the process of applying certain bleaches to your teeth to erase stains from your teeth. There are multiple different methods. Of all these methods, laser tooth whitening will likely be the most expensive, but most effective method. We’ll apply special teeth whitening bleach gel to your teeth before using a laser to intensify the whitening process. The energy generated by the laser will activate the ingredients in the bleaching gel to help lift stains from your teeth more effectively. The result is a shiny, sparkling smile.

Consult with our dentists to see if laser tooth whitening is for you. Precision Dental Center is located in Midwest City.