When you go see your dentist, it’s possible that you may be told that you have worn teeth. Nowadays, having teeth that’s worn is fairly common, and you might have worn teeth even if you aren’t aware of it. In fact, having worn tooth is the third significant dental problem that dentists run into.

So why do your teeth get worn down?

There is a number of reasons. The most common cause of tooth wear is clenching or grinding, which can happen during the day or during the night while you’re sleeping. Clenching or grinding refers to the act of your lower and upper teeth rubbing against each other. During the day, if can happen while you’re eating, when you’re concentrating on a task, or when you’re facing a stressful situation. During the night, you could be grinding your teeth while you’re sleeping and not even aware of it. Worn teeth can also occur from habits, like if you have a habit of biting on your fingernails or chewing ice, and certain acidic substances, like sugary drinks, can erode your teeth.

The effects of worn teeth usually is expressed in uneven or jagged teeth. Sometimes, your teeth can become a more rounded shape as a result of wear. However, worn teeth isn’t just a problem of look. It often can cause your teeth to become more vulnerable to cavities and decay. This is because your tooth enamel – the protective layer of material on the outside of your teeth – has become worn down, leaving the inner layers more susceptible to problems.

Fortunately, even if a person’s teeth has been worn down, there are solutions. At Precision Dental Center, we offer tooth restorations, crowns, and veneers as options to return your teeth to its original state. If you’re experience grinding during the night, a mouthguard can also help prevent damage done to your teeth by preventing your teeth from coming into contact with each other as you sleep.

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