If your smile suffers from crooked, misaligned teeth, Invisalign is a useful method that can be used to move your teeth back into their proper positions. Unlike traditional braces or retainers, Invisalign is a set of clear aligners – or invisible braces – can give you all the benefit of braces without the discomfort or look. At Precision Dental Center, we are your Midwest City choice of dental care. Our team of seasoned dentists are committed to bringing you great service through our values of integrity, commitment, and respect.

Treatment through Invisalign is through a custom plan that is unique to you. By taking a scan of your current teeth’s position, we’ll plot out how we want your teeth to move. You’ll be given a set of custom-made aligners that will gradually and gently shift your teeth into their proper positions. After two weeks, you’ll come in again and switch to your next set of aligners to continue repositioning your teeth.

As opposed to braces, Invisalign has many benefits:

You can remove the device when you want. No longer will you have a list of foods to avoid like when you’re wearing braces. When you’re feeling peckish, you can simply pop your aligners out, eat, brush your teeth, and then put your aligners back in.

Invisibility. Braces can be a blow to your self esteem and affect your ability to smile the way you want. Invisalign is virtually invisible. You’ll be correcting your teeth without anyone even knowing.

Less irritability. Invisalign is made of smooth plastic. No sharp metals and wires to irritate your cheeks.

Correct your smile with Invisalign, your custom-made invisible braces. Contact Precision Dental Center in Midwest City to see your options.