Oral veneers are a great method to cover tooth defects, spruce up the looks of your teeth and cast a stunning smile. They are tooth-colored porcelain shells, which are bonded over the teeth for cosmetic effect. It’s the ideal solution for covering imperfections that can not be altered by other methods. However porcelain veneers are not unbreakable. Veneers can break gradually, particularly when they are put under abnormal pressure. By avoiding these three dental issues and scheduling regular appointments at Precision Dental, your veneers will last a lifetime.

Abnormal Stresses

Oral veneers are extremely resilient. They can endure regular biting pressures for several years. Nevertheless, abnormal tensions over an extended period of time can cause your veneers to break. Fingernail biting and ice chewing can put significant pressure on your veneers.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Bruxism or teeth grinding can put significant stress on your veneers. If natural teeth are unable to stand up to extended bruxism, then oral veneers cannot manage it either. The very best thing to do is to use a mouth guard while sleeping. The mouth guards will work as a protective guard for your teeth.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Oral veneers are not vulnerable to decay, however the underlying tooth is. It is essential to preserve great oral health so that decay, gum disease and numerous other oral issues are avoided. Decayed teeth may be unable to provide the needed support for your veneers. That’s why a comprehensive dental health care routine is essential.

Visit Precision Dental for regular checkups

Regular appointments at Precision Dental will allow an experienced professional to monitor the health of your teeth and inspect your veneers for possible slipping. Book an appointment online today or or call the office at 405-458-5242.